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Home Page Directory for everything we do. New Homes, Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms and Basements

About Us Page - Our history of success dates back to 1990. We have 100s of satisfied clients.

New Homes Our new homes are constructed with the finest materials and workmanship. We have many references that validate our commitment to quality.

Additions We build the finest Expanded Kitchens, Bedrooms, Home Offices Family Rooms, Libraries, Garages, 2 Story Additions, Porches, Home Theatres, Gyms, Patio Rooms and Sunrooms.

Kitchens Spectacular Kitchen remodeling with floor to ceiling renovations including appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, ceiling, plumbing, electrical and hvac.

Baths Stunning bathrooms including tubs, showers, vanity(s), mirror(s) flooring material, walls material, ceiling, lighting, plumbing and hvac

Basements - Dynamic living areas are built. The entire basement space is moisture proofed and a sub floor is installed. Next comes framing the new basement walls, corners, doors, & ceilings. At this point in the renovation, any required electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilation work is performed. Once complete, the basement living area is insulated in order to maintain a controlled temperature environment.

Our Process of Success

  1. The schedule is done and given to you the homeowner for your own references.
  2. Work starts according to the schedule which includes preparing the home for construction with protection as necessary based on each project, scope of work, and parts of the home involved in the project.
  3. Contact information for Larry Robinson will be provided for clients to contact with any questions, concerns, changes or comments. Included will be the foreman’s cell # for easy access during the day.
  4. Weekly appointments are available for meeting with our project manager in order to go over the project.
  5. Changes to schedule are updated and given to the homeowner as major changes arrive.
  6. Some things to expect while in the process of the project:
    • Dust will be getting throughout the home even though protection is being used to protect from the majority of the dust.
    • The jobsite will be picked up and relatively clean each day.
  7. Larry Robinson & Sons thrive for perfection in all of their projects, but due to the construction industry and the materials used perfection is not always attainable.